Programme Details   

Programme Design

The P.G.D.M.L.T. programme will be conducted on a semester basis. The one year programme is divided into 2 semesters. Both lectures and practicals will be held during college hours. Students must have at least 75% attendance in both theory and practicals separately in each semester, to qualify for appearing for the examination of that semester.

Examination And Code Of Passing:

A separate examination in theory and practicals will be held at the end of each semester. Students must secure at least 50% separately in each theory paper and practical to pass the examination for the semester.

Only those who have passed both the semesters in theory and practicals separately at the FIRST ATTEMPT will be awarded a class on the total of both the semesters.

Students securing 50 to 59% will be declared to have PASSED the examination. Students securing 60 to 69% will be declared to have passed the examination in the SECOND CLASS. Students securing 70 to 79% will be declared to have obtained as FIRST CLASS in the examination. Students securing 80 % and above will be declared to have passed in the FIRST CLASS with DISTINCTION.

Students will also be required to submit a report on the work carried out in Hospitals. The report will be graded. Students have to make a presentation on the topics related to advances in laboratory technology for which they will be graded. We are affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE).